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UK 60m Band Plan (5MHz)

UK 60m band plan for 5 MHz for use by amateur radio operators. Foundation and Intermediate Licence holders are advised to check their licences for the permitted power limits and conditions applicable to their class of licence.

60m band plan
All band plans are based on the IARU International band plans, however, there may be slight variations to allow for local regulations. This 60m band plan is for UK based radio amateurs.

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60m band plan (5 MHz)

Frequency Bandwidth Preferred Modes and Usage
5.258 – 5.264 MHz5.5 KHz5.262 MHz – CW QRP (low power) Centre of Activity
5.276 – 5.284 MHz8 KHz5.2785 MHz – may be used for UK emergency comms traffic
5.288 – 5.292 MHz3.5 KHzBeacons on 5.290 MHz (Note 2), WSPR
5.298 – 5.307 MHz9 KHz
5.313 – 5.323 MHz10 KHzAM – 5.317 MHz with 6kHz max. bandwidth
5.333 – 5.338 MHz5 KHz
5.354 – 5.358 MHz4 KHz
5.362 – 5.3745 MHz12.5 KHz5.362-5.370 MHz – Digital mode activity in the UK
5.378 – 5.383 MHz4 KHz
5.395 – 5.4015 MHz6.5 KHz
5.403 – 5.4065 MHz3 KHz5.4035 MHz – USB common international frequency


  1. Upper Sideband is recommended for SSB activity.
  2. Activity should avoid interference to the experimental beacons on 5.290 MHz
  3. Amplitude Modulation is permitted with a maximum bandwidth of 6kHz, on frequencies with at least 6kHz available width
  4. Full Licensees only – Secondary User: 100W max Note that specific conditions regarding operating, transmission bandwidth, power and antennas are specified in the Licence.

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  1. Foundation and Intermediate licence holders are not permitted to use 60m – 5Mhz. Only Full (Advanced) licence holders may use the band.

    1. That’s exactly why I included “Foundation and Intermediate Licence holders are advised to check their licences” at the top of the page, just in case any changes are made to the licence conditions, but thanks for the comment.

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