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Simplest Signal Generator – BK Precision 2005B

BK Precision 2005B signal generatorBK Precision 2005B signal generators pushed aside in favour of the more modern digital counterparts, doesn’t mean that these generators are no longer any use, quite the contrary.

In it’s day, this popular piece of equipment was re-branded and sold under many different names. In the UK, this was most probably best known under the Maplin brand.

Saying that, this particular instrument has only just recently been discontinued, in fact, it was still being produced until Feb 2021

Withstanding the fact that there is no digital display to accurately set the frequency, the BK Precision 2005B can produce a clean sine wave from 100KHz up to around 150MHz, with a harmonic signal at up to 450MHz being available.

The output from the generator can be amplitude modulated with an internal 1kHz signal or with an external audio signal up to 1V (RMS). An external crystal can be plugged in for more precise frequency control. The output is provided via a BNC female connector.

In use, the instrument appears to be relatively stable, considering the simplicity of the internal circuitry, with no PLL or other method of frequency correction.

Download an instruction manual here or visit the Downloads page.

For general frequency generation requirements, the simplicity of the unit and it’s lack of digital readout isn’t a major problem.