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The files I have made available for download have been categorised to make finding the information you want easier. Please select the section you require.

All files are in standard PDF format, download the Adobe reader here

Alinco Downloads

PDF Download  Alinco DJ-195 Service Manual
PDF Download  Alinco DR-135 / DR-435 Service Manual
PDF Download  Alinco DR-135 Instruction Manual
PDF Download  Alinco DR-138 / DR-438 Instruction Manual
PDF Download  Alinco DR-138 Service Manual
PDF Download  Alinco DX-70 Instruction Manual

Antennas Downloads

PDF Download  Antenna Cobwebb
imgfile  Antenna Lengths Chart
PDF Download  Avanti Astro Beam AV150
PDF Download  Avanti Astro Plane AV101
PDF Download  Avanti Moonraker-4-AV140
PDF Download  Avanti PDL-II AV122
PDF Download  Avanti Sigma IV
PDF Download  Avanti Sigma IV Theory
PDF Download  Buddipole
PDF Download  Buddistick
PDF Download  Butternut HF9V
PDF Download  CG 3000 Automatic Antenna Tuner
PDF Download  CG 3000 Automatic ATU Control Unit
PDF Download  cushcraft ma5v
PDF Download  Cushcraft R7000 (Early Version)
PDF Download  Cushcraft R7000 (Later Version)
PDF Download  G0CSK Inverted L-160-80-40m
PDF Download  G7FEK Antenna
PDF Download  Hustler BTV
PDF Download  Hygain DX-88 Antenna
PDF Download  Hygain Golden Penetrator
PDF Download  LDG AT-200 ATU Pro Operating
PDF Download  LDG RT100 Automatic Tuner
PDF Download  SGC 230 Smartuner
PDF Download  SGC 239 Smartuner
PDF Download  Sirio 827
PDF Download  Sirio Tornado 27
PDF Download  Sirio Vector4000

Audio Related Downloads

PDF Download  Astatic D104 Silver Eagle
PDF Download  Behringer Composer Pro
PDF Download  Behringer Eurorack MX1604a
PDF Download  Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro DSP1124P
PDF Download  Behringer UB802 Schematic
PDF Download  Behringer Ultrafex Pro
PDF Download  Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200
PDF Download  Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP1000P
PDF Download  BHI DSP Installation For FT-897D
PDF Download  Cobra HG-M75 Mic Low Audio Fix
PDF Download  Sadelta Echo Master Plus Schematic
PDF Download  Turner M+2u / JM+2u

CB Related Downloads

PDF Download  Anytone AT5555
PDF Download  Cobra 200 GTL-DX service manual
PDF Download  CRT SS7900
PDF Download  CRT SS 6900N V6 SERVICE
PDF Download  Cybernet Export Service Manual
PDF Download  Midnight Express Vol 1
PDF Download  Midnight Express Vol 2
PDF Download  PB010 parts layout
PDF Download  PB010 schematic diagram
PDF Download  PB010 technical manual
PDF Download  PB010 wiring layout
PDF Download  PTBM134AOX service manual
PDF Download  Ranger SS3900 schematic diagram
PDF Download  The CB PLL Data Book
PDF Download  Uniden Export service manual

Icom Downloads

PDF Download  IC-2725e Service Manual
PDF Download  IC-2800 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-2800 Service Manual
PDF Download  IC-7000 Service Manual
PDF Download  IC-7000 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-703 Service Manual
PDF Download  IC-706 Mk2 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-7400 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-7400 Service Manual
PDF Download  IC-756pro User Guide
PDF Download  IC-756pro2 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-756pro3 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-7700 Service Manual
PDF Download  IC-7700 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-7800 User Guide
PDF Download  IC-E208 User Guide
PDF Download  Mods For Various Icom Radios

Kenwood Downloads

PDF Download  AT-230 ATU Operating Instructions
PDF Download  DSP-100 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  MC-50 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  MC-60 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TM-G707A Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TM-V7 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TM-V71 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TM-V71 Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-140S Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-2000 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TS-2000 Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-440S Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-480 Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TS-50S Operating Instructions
PDF Download  TS-570 Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-570DG Service Supplement
PDF Download  TS-850 Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-940S Service Manual
PDF Download  TS-950SDX Service Manual

Linear Amplifiers

PDF Download  Ameritron AL-811 User Guide
PDF Download  Bremi BRL200 Schematic
PDF Download  Bremi BRL210 Schematic
PDF Download  Zetagi B150 Schematic
PDF Download  Zetagi B300P Schematic
PDF Download  Zetagi B47 Schematic


PDF Download  MFJ-1835 Cobweb Antenna
PDF Download  MFJ-259B Antenna Analyser
PDF Download  MFJ-941E Versa Tuner II
PDF Download  MFJ-948 ATU
PDF Download  MFJ-949E Versa Tuner II
PDF Download  MFJ-969 ATU
PDF Download  MFJ-993 Intellituner

Misc Downloads

PDF Download  Bird 43 Wattmeter User Guide
PDF Download  BK Precision 2005B signal generator
PDF Download  Baofeng UV-5R User Guide
PDF Download  Audio Isolator & CAT Interface
PDF Download  Galaxy FC347 Frequency Counter User Guide
PDF Download  Meteor 600 Frequency Counter Service Manual
PDF Download  Meteor 600 Frequency Counter User Guide
PDF Download  Racal-Dana 1991 Counter/Timer Maintenance Manual
PDF Download  Racal-Dana 1991 Counter/Timer Schematics
PDF Download  Racal-Dana 9081 Signal Generator Service Manual
PDF Download  Resistance Decade Box Schematic.pdf
PDF Download  RIGblaster Pro User Guide
PDF Download  Signalink SL-1 User Guide
PDF Download  Signalink USB User Guide
PDF Download  Welz SP-300 User Guide

Reference Documents

PDF Download  Amateur Radio Licence guidance – OFCOM document
PDF Download  Baluns and Ununs Explained
PDF Download  Baluns: What they do and how they do it by W7EL
PDF Download  Broadcast audio chain tutorial
PDF Download  Capacitor uF-nF-pF conversion charts
PDF Download  dBw to dBm conversion & explanation
PDF Download  Differential and common-mode noise differences
PDF Download  Ham Radio for Dummies
PDF Download  The internationally recognised Morse code
PDF Download  Resistor colour codes and how to read them
PDF Download  RSGB Band Plans for 2020
PDF Download  VSWR: Return loss And transmission loss Vs transmitted power

Yaesu Downloads

PDF Download  ATAS 120 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-1000MP Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-209R Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-450D Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-747GX Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-757GX Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-7800R Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-817 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-840 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-847 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-857 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-897 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-991 Service Manual
PDF Download  FT-991 Wideband Mod
PDF Download  FTDX101D Operating Manual
PDF Download  FTDX1200 Operating Manual
PDF Download  FTDX1200 Service Manual
PDF Download  FTDX3000 Operating Manual
PDF Download  FTDX3000 Service Manual
PDF Download  FTDX5000 Operating Manual
PDF Download  G-5500 Rotator Operating Manual
PDF Download  VX-6R Service Manual
PDF Download  VX-7R Service Manual


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