Special Callsigns

Special event stations apply for, and use, special callsigns that differ in some way from the usual callsign format of the issuing country.

These special callsigns are usually to celebrate a historic national event such as the 60th anniversary of the Victory in Europe Day in 2005 (VE Day – 8 May 1945) for which a UK station was allowed to use the special callsign of GB60VED.

The event need not be national, it could be something happening in a town or village that is noteworthy.

Examples include temporary radio stations being set up in places such as Windmills, RNLI stations or schools.

One thought on “Special Callsigns

  1. During the weekend of the Royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markel, UK amateurs were allowed to use the letter “R” in their callsign to mark the occasion.
    My callsign thus became GR7SYW

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