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Meguro MSA-4901 Spectrum Analyser

Meguro Spectrum AnalyserThe MSA-4901 is a spectrum analyser designed to cover the 1 to 300MHz range. The oscilloscope is a time domain type in which the frequency domain and vertical axis are calibrated in logarithmic form.

Although this unit is not as complex as high-end laboratory grade instruments, it serves my purpose. It has to be mentioned that my Hantek DSO5102 digital oscilloscope has an FFT function which mathematically emulates a spectrum analyser.

For the signal under test, frequency distribution, spectrum of waveforms and levels can be readily determined. In particular, the TV scanning mode permits measurements in CATV and VHF TV bands for terminal levels and field strength measurement. For my use however, it is possible for spurious signals and levels in amateur radio communications equipment to be observed.

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