Yaesu VX-6r

Yaesu VX6r HandheldWhen outside I often use a small Yaesu VX-6R handheld radio.

The wide frequency range and scanning features make this small radio perfect for listening around not only the amateur bands, but also the normal broadcast, air, marine, PMR and shortwave bands.

This radio is also ideal for taking out in the car when used with a small discrete mag-mount antenna. I simply place the handheld into a mobile phone holder which prevent it sliding around.

Here’s a short recording of astronaut Tim Peake talking to school children on Saturday March 05 2016 at approx 11.00am GMT received on the International Space Station (ISS) downlink frequency of 145.800Mhz using the VX6r and a mobile antenna.

Due to the distant location of the school talking to the space station it was not possible to hear their transmissions.