Yaesu FT-747 GX

Yaesu FT-747 HF transceiverAlso to be found in the shack is a Yaesu FT-747 GX. These were originally built around 1989/90 the FT-747 is a very basic but capable transceiver.

During it’s initial marketing period, it gained the nickname of “plastic fantastic”. The nickname suited it quite well as it was an incredible radio at the time.

It doesn’t have all the bells & whistles with lots of knobs and buttons, it simply has the controls that are needed making this ideal for easy mobile operation.

Although this radio is old, it’s still spot on frequency and capable of exceeding the specified 100 watts of RF output. My reason for purchasing this particular radio was primarily to have it available as a back-up radio should the Kenwood fail.

Since the original purchase of this radio, I now use it as a second radio when the mood takes me.