Band Plans

UK 12m Band Plan (24MHz)

UK 12m band plan for 24 MHz for amateur radio operators. Foundation and Intermediate Licence holders may have restrictions.

12m band plan
All band plans are based on the IARU International band plans, however, there may be slight variations to allow for local regulations. This 12m band plan is for UK based radio amateurs.

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12m band plan (24 MHz)

Frequency Bandwidth Preferred Modes and Usage
24.890 – 24.910 MHz200 HzCW
24.906 MHz: QRP (low power) centre of activity
24.915 – 24.920 MHz500 HzNarrow band modes
24.925 – 24.929 MHz500 HzNarrow band modes – automatically controlled data stations (unattended)
24.929 – 24.931 MHzIBP – reserved exclusively for beacons
24.931 – 24.940 MHz2.7 KHzAll modes – automatically controlled data stations (unattended)
24.940 – 24.990 MHz2.7 KHzAll modes
24.950 MHz: SSB QRP Centre of Activity
24.960 MHz: digital voice centre of activity