The Shacks

The Shack – 2004-2008

yaesu ft-847At this point in time, I had access to a reasonable sized shack and garden, both of which I intended to use to maximum effect.

I used a Yaesu FT-847 and this stood where I later replaced it with a Yaesu FT-980. For mobile use I had an Icom 2725e which has true dual band capability, allowing reception on 2m and 70cms at the same time.

Obviously transmission is limited to a single band at any one time although it is possible to set it up as a cross-band repeater system.

g7syw shack 2004When the FT-847 was replaced by the FT-980 I needed a separate 2M/70cms radio indoors. Thus the Icom was moved into the house and I purchased a Yaesu FT-857d with the separation kit and ATAS 120 to use mobile.
This was used in my vehicle right up until 2009.

The picture shows the equipment line-up consisting of (top, left to right), a Harrier CBX CB radio sitting on top of a Kenwood TS-940S, a Behringer audio mixer, Yaesu SP8 on top of which can just be seen, an Icom IC-2725E head, Yaesu FT-1000MP, PacComm TNC, and an MFJ Intellituner on top of a Yaesu FT-980.

g7syw shack 2007The bottom row (L-R) my old PC running both monitors, an MFJ Iambic keyer in front of a Teac cassette deck. In the middle are the Behringer audio processing units, from top to bottom, Virtualiser Pro (effects), Ultragain Pro (mic preamp) and a Composer Pro (compressor, expander & limiter).

To the right is a Tascam professional cassette deck.

On the desk can be seen my Heil Proset 4 headset with HC5 mic insert, the mic boom is also made by Heil. The mic on the boom is a professional condenser mic powered with a 48v phantom supply from the mixer and suspended in an anti-shock mount. Under normal use I also had a “pop” screen in front of this mic.