Test Equipment

Digital Multimeters

Fluke 77 Digital MultimeterIn the shack I have a choice of four multimeters, two of which are manufactured by Fluke, the third being a cheap Neoteck and finally a Schlumberger bench multimeter..

At first glance the Fluke 77 meter may appear to be a basic unit. However the meter is fully auto-ranging, meaning that it automatically adjusts to the correct measuring range of the measurement being taken.

Due to damage, the plastic LCD protection screen has been replaced by a piece of clear perspex. While not affecting the accuracy and operation of the meter, it makes the overall appearance of the instrument plain.

This meter can handle AC or DC volts, current (amps), resistance and diode testing. Also included is Fluke’s patented TouchHold® mode which automatically captures the measurement, beeps, and locks it on the digital display for later viewing.

This handy feature makes taking a reading without having to look at the meter a piece of cake.

Fluke-8060A digital multimeterThe Fluke 8060A is a more complex instrument than the Fluke 73 meter.

It can handle all the measurements that the Fluke 73 makes, with additional functions such as, frequency measurement up to 200KHz, dBm or relative dB measurements, offset (relative) reference and conductance measurements.

Measurements are also taken using a True RMS system, this makes it more accurate when making AC measurements.

Neoteck DM4000 MultimeterThe Neoteck multimeter is a cheap, but very capable multimeter.

The meter boasts full voltage & current measurement of both AC & DC, along with all the usual functions found on a basic meter. It does also feature a transistor tester, a thermometer, capacitance measuring and a basic frequency counter.