Test Equipment

Schlumberger Solatron 7150plus Bench Multimeter

Schlumberger 7150plus Bench MultimeterThe Schlumberger Solatron 7150plus is a compact bench/portable, mains-operated multimeter, similar to the popular HP/Agilent 34401A, which offers 5½ / 6½ digits resolution and an accuracy to 0.005%.

The meter is built in good quality 1980s technology using through-hole components on a motherboard, carrying power supply, processor, IEEE488 (HPIB, GPIB) interface and a display board, plus a galvanically isolated, separate analogue/floating logic board with its own processor controlling the A/D conversion and communicating serially with the base unit. The two boards are separated by an aluminium shield/chassis.

The unit has a choice of input sockets, one set on the front panel with a second set of duplicates to the rear. A push button on the front of the instrument selects between the front/rear panel inputs – only a single set is available at any given time.

Measurement ranges are:
DC Voltage 100nV to 1000V with 3.5 to 6.5 digits, ranges 0.2V 2V 20V 200V 1000V, error 20ppm.
AC Voltage 1µV to 750V true rms, ranges 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V.
DC Current 1µA to 2A, range 2A, accuracy 0.02%.
AC Current 10µA to 2A true rms, range 2A, accuracy 0.02%.
Resistance 10mΩ to 20MΩ, 2-wire or 4-wire, error 20ppm
Diode test.