Test Equipment

Feeltech FY6600 Function Generator

Feeltech FY6600 Function GeneratorThe latest addition to my test gear is this nifty little function generator.

This little Feeltech FY6600, Chinese cheapy function generator can push out signals up to 60MHz in more different waveforms than you could ever want.

Couple the vast array of available predefined waveforms, from sine, to triangle, sawtooth and more, the arbitrary functions allow you to define your own waveforms and store them in the machine’s memory for later recall and use.

Using a USB cable, the Feeltech FY6600 can connect to the PC and it’s easy to use software makes using the unit a snap. The software also makes drawing an arbitrary waveform as easy as click and drag.

Once you’re happy with your waveform, just click the “Save Data” button and it’s sent to the machine ready to use.

Feeltech FY6600 Function GeneratorI didn’t expect the accuracy to be as good as a Rohde & Schwarz professional machine, but for the price, if a laboratory spec instrument isn’t required, this does the job and it does it well.

For someone like myself who does the occasional bit of radio re-alignment, or testing, this generator fits the bill quite nicely.