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Low-cost Rockseed RS305P Bench Power Supply

Rockseed Bench Power SupplyThe Rockseed RS305P programmable power supply is a single-output high-precision DC supply, microprocessor controlled with LED display of voltage, current and power at the same time.

Every electronics workbench should have at least a couple of power supplies available especially when testing out equipment. My radio equipment is run from a 50amp power supply, and I have a second 45amp supply for bench testing.

I also use a Rockseed RS305P bench supply when working on equipment or projects where I need to limit either the voltage or current.

The RS305P has available 30V at up to 5A continuously adjustable, 6 sets of output parameter pre-sets may be stored for immediate use.

A handy option, although I hardly ever use it, is it’s ability to supply power for timed intervals.
For example, the PSU can be set to deliver a set voltage and/or current for a pre-determined time, or it can deliver the outputs that have been pre-set sequentially at timed intervals.

The PSU has very accurate voltage output and negligible switching noise on the DC output and extremely stable output with no discernible ripple.

The large 4 LED digital display provides accurate voltage and current readings. Even in the low-light conditions, you also can easily read the display.

A separate output control button allows operating parameters to be set without having to disconnect any circuit under test to avoid damage.

At power-up, the output is “off” by default thus allowing the user to ensure that voltage & current parameters are set correctly before applying power to the circuit/device under test.

One thought on “Low-cost Rockseed RS305P Bench Power Supply

  1. Great review, most cheap psu’s seem to lack the ability to set I-limit, have no op/switch and cannot be controlled from the PC. – So there’s now 1 on it’s way.
    73’s M0TAP.

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