Band Plans

UK 160m Band Plan (1.8-2.0Mhz)

UK 160m Band plan (1.8-2.0 MHz) often called top band for amateur radio use. Foundation and Intermediate Licence holders are advised to check their licences for the permitted power limits and conditions applicable to their class of licence.

160m band plan
All band plans are based on the IARU International band plans, however, there may be slight variations to allow for local regulations. This 4m band plan is for UK based radio amateurs.

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160m band plan (1.8-2.0 MHz)

Frequency Bandwidth Preferred Modes and Usage
1.810 – 1.838 MHz200 HzCW – 1.836 MHz: QRP (low power) Centre of activity
1.838 – 1.840 MHz500 HzNarrow band modes
1.840 – 1.843 MHz2.7 KHzAll modes
1.843 – 2.000 MHz2.7 KHzTelephony – Lowest LSB carrier frequency (dial setting) should be 1.843 MHz


  1. 1.810-1.850 MHz – Primary User: 1.810-1.830 MHz on a non-interference basis to stations outside of the UK.
  2. 1.850-2.000 MHz – Secondary User: 32W (15dBW) Maximum
  3. AX25 packet should not be used on the 1.8 MHz (160m) band.